What is Wild Card Entry


In Inquizitive minds, our experts go to the schools and conduct preliminary rounds of the quiz contest. This preliminary round consists of a written test which is undertaken within campus to shortlist students for the next round.

However, with Wild Card Entry you stand a chance to get shortlisted for the Regional Round directly. So even if you have missed meeting our experts at your school and have not appeared for the preliminary written test, you may still qualify for Regional Round with Wild Card Entry.


Here's What You Need To Do

  • Register your team with Inquizitive Minds.
  • One team will consist of two participants.
  • Enter the online contest when it opens.
  • Teams will have to answer five questions per day for 5 days (Monday to Friday)
  • A time limit of 3 minutes will be given to answer the questions, per day.
  • The Team with maximum correct answers in over all 5 days will be announced as Winner of the Wild Card Entry and will proceed to Regional Round directly.
A Second Chance For The Biggest Quiz Show
Winners of Wild Card Challenge
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